Dealing with car issues in a Pandemic

We’re not traveling as much as we used to, though I’m sure we all want to. Unfortunately, grocery stores aren’t always next door and if you’re buying for a week or two you still need that car. Probably more considering you want to get as much at once as possible. Naturally this is the perfect time for the car to breakdown, which is exactly what mine decided to do.  This started a couple weeks ago when I went to the grocery store. I got our groceries and the way back out I noticed that one of the rear lights was on. As I got closer to the car it turned out it was just a rear blinker light. The car wasn’t on, none of the other lights were on just one lowly light.  I was a little surprised but not shocked, as it had happened before in the winter in Continue Reading

And then the world changed…

The last time I posted was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way it seems; since then the world decided to change in a heartbeat. I figured it was time to come back and start writing again, for numerous reasons but if there’s any way I can help I will be glad to. First and foremost, I would like to make sure that the frontline responders and all of the immediate support that they get are recognized. They keep us healthy, they keep us safe, and they keep us fed! They keep our world moving forward when it feels like it wants to curl up in a little ball. Many of them are making them more than minimum wage – they don’t keep doing this regardless of the turmoil going on in the world. They’re all our heroes! There is so much loss, and potential loss happening Continue Reading